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1 Samuel 2:30b
Verses, Prose & Poems That Just Honor God
John 12:26
Malachi 1:6
“But now the LORD saith, 
          Be it far from me; 
                    for them that honour me 
                              I will honour."
The Scripture is full of verses that encourage us to Just Honor God.  Of course, if we Just Honor God, we will honor others (who are made in the image of God), our bodies (which are the temples of God), and those in authority--to name a few.
“If any man 
          serve me,
                     him will [my] Father honour” 

“If, then, 
          I [be] a father, 
                    where [is] mine honour . . . 
         And ye say, 
                    Wherein have we despised thy name?” 
Proverbs 3:9
          the LORD 
                    with thy substance, 
                    and with the firstfruits 
                              of all thine increase,” 

Revelation 4:11
Thou art worthy, 
          [of] honour … 
                    thou hast created all things, 
                    and for thy pleasure 
                              they are 
                              and were created,” ​
Psalm 96:6
          and majesty 
                    [are] before him: 
          and beauty 
                    [are] in his sanctuary.” 
John 5:23
          all men 
                    should honour the Son
                    even as 
                              they honour the Father”
If I set my Heart
on Honoring God

. . . I will remain pure, 
          no matter how strong the temptation;

. . . I will forgive, 
          no matter how justified my bitterness;

. . . I will remain patient, 
          no matter how intolerant I may feel;

. . . I will speak of my Lord, 
          no matter how uncomfortable it is;

. . . I will remain faithful, 
          no matter how persistent the trial;

. . . I will remain confident, 
          no matter how hopeless the situation;

. . . I will remain loyal, 
          no matter how easy it is to defect;

. . . I will pray often, 
          no matter how busy life becomes;

. . . I will love unconditionally,
           no matter how I am loved in return;

. . . I will persevere,
           no matter how easy it is to quit

. . . I will trust in the Lord,
           no matter how illogical he seems;

. . . I will spend time in God's Word, 
           no matter how tired I may be;

. . . I will accept God's will, 
          no matter how burdensome it is;

. . . I will reach out to others, 
          no matter how introverted I am;

. . . I will sing God's praises, 
          no matter how well I may sing the;

. . . I will keep focused on the Answer
          no matter how difficult the question;

. . . I will worship the Lord, 
          no matter how gloomy the situation.

. . . I will trust God's direction, 
          no matter how rocky the journey;

. . . I will accept God's choice, 
          no matter how much I disagree;

. . . If I Set My Heart
           on Honoring God!

Just Honor God—

What do you think of 
when you read those words?  

          Do you have any expectations 
          of what this booklet will say?  

                    Do you think its possible that 
                    your life could honor God?  

When we speak of honoring God, we are declaring that His worth and value are beyond any price tag. His worth exceeds comparison and His value never depreciates.  

The call of Scripture is that all men should:

          1.  appreciate the extraordinary and  
               priceless value of God, 

          2.  and recognize His incomparable and 
               immeasurable worth.

“ J u s t    H o n o r    G o d ! ” 

M o r e   t h a n   a   M o t t o ;
I t ' s   a   M o v e m e n t ! 
Psalm 91:14,15
          he hath 
                    set his love upon me, . . .  
          he hath 
                    known my name. 
                              [I will] honour him,” 
Universal Advice

I don't know who you are 
or what your lot in life may be;

I don't know your issues, sin struggles, 
or season of testing;

I don't know how much 
or how little you know about God;

I don't know your worries, fears, 
or anxieties;

I don't know your limitations, vulnerabilities, 
or sorrows;

I don't know who hurt you, 
or why they did;

I don’t know your disappointments, 
or your losses;

I don't know your financial, marital, 
or social status;

I only know one universal piece 
 of Heaven-sent advice: 

“ J u s t H o n o r G o d ! ” 
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